Invisible and rechargeable Hearing Aids

Experience the life-changing transformation advanced hearing aids have to offer.

Hearing aids have the potential to reshape your world, offering a new lease on life for those grappling with hearing loss.

Cutting-edge hearing aids restore confidence, improve health, foster wellbeing, and strengthen relationships with precision engineering and advanced technology.

Meticulously tailored and calibrated, our hearing aids address your specific needs, empowering you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Experience effortless everyday tasks with our state-of-the-art hearing aids, designed to cater to your specific needs and deliver unparalleled comfort. Customisable hearing aids with cutting-edge technology enhance your hearing experience, addressing common challenges and providing advanced assistance.

However, our commitment doesn’t stop at providing exceptional devices. We take pride in our world-leading fitting and calibration process, which plays a vital role in achieving optimal results. Our extensive knowledge, unwavering service, and expertise ensure that your hearing aids are perfectly tailored to your requirements, utilising the most advanced practices available worldwide.

According to Andrew Glynn, the esteemed Founder and Principal Audiologist, the key to success lies in the motivation and willingnessof individuals to seek help. Throughout his 16 years of experience, he has observed that those who are proactive in addressing their hearing needs tend to achieve the most positive outcomes.

With an overwhelming array of 2,200 hearing aids available in Australia, it becomes nearly impossible to determine the ideal solution. However, our unique assessment process simplifies this task by identifying the top hearing devices across five pricing categories. Rest assured that our selection is carefully curated to meet your specific requirements and offer the best possible options for you.

Discover the joy of enhanced hearing, seize every opportunity, and embark on a life filled with clarity and connection.

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Frequently asked questions.

Do I need a referral?

You don’t need a referral to fit a hearing aid. However, we may need to seek approval from your doctor if you have hearing loss due to medical issues, such as recurring ear infections.

What are my funding options?

There are a number of funding options available depending on your individual circumstances. We suggest reading our Funding Options page here to get more information.

Do I need to insure my hearing aids?

Most insurance companies will allow you to have your hearing aids replaced if they are lost or stolen. Our advice is to contact the insurer who looks after your house and contents insurance and make an enquiry.

We can work directly with insurance companies if you are making a claim.

How much do hearing aids cost?

This is a common question. A hearing aid will cost between $725 – $4,500 each. If you are a Veteran, on an eligible Pension, or have extras on your private health insurance, you are eligible for discounts and rebates. Check out our funding options page.

At Hear in Karingal, we focus on helping you select the right hearing aid based on your hearing challenges and lifestyle.

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