Hearing Aid Moisture Removal

Why do hearing aids fail?

The number one cause for hearing aid failure is moisture. Sweat, dust and debris gradually build up inside the hearing aid over time. This leads to corrosion and damages the hearing aid which can lead to expensive repairs.

Hear In Karingal is the first Audiology clinic in Victoria to offer hearing aid moisture extraction. We use cutting-edge, world leading technology to remove water and moisture from hearing aids.

Our moisture extraction report will determine the number of services required based on how much moisture is inside the hearing aid. This will ensure optimum performance, longevity of your hearing aids, and save you from costly hearing aid repairs.

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Frequently asked questions.

How often should I have the moisture removed from my hearing aids?

Most clients should have their hearing aids checked every 6-12 months. However, some clients may need more regular servicing depending on sweat, humidity, skin and dust.

What is the cost?

We are offering this service for FREE.

What are the repair costs of a hearing aid?

If your hearing aid is out-of-warranty, the cost of repairing a hearing aid can vary from $200 to $500 per hearing aid. If your hearing aids are more than 5 years old, they may be unrepairable and need to be replaced. Our moisture extraction process can help extend the life of a hearing aid.

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