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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments By Audiologists

Detailed Evaluation of Your Hearing Performance.

Our comprehensive audiology hearing assessments provide a thorough evaluation of your hearing, measuring the performance of both ears in various environments, including quiet and noisy settings. This in-depth analysis helps us understand your hearing abilities and identify any issues that may need attention.

Why Choose a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment?

Understanding the difference between a free hearing check and a comprehensive hearing test is essential. A free hearing check typically tests only 8 points of hearing and takes about 10 minutes. In contrast, our comprehensive 90-minute hearing assessment offers a much more detailed evaluation, ensuring you receive the most accurate results and tailored recommendations.

What to Expect During Your Hearing Assessment

Our comprehensive hearing assessment includes the following steps:

  • Detailed Case History: We gather information about your hearing health and any concerns you may have.
  • Ear Canal and Ear Drum Inspection: A thorough examination to check for any issues or obstructions.
  • Ear Wax Removal: If necessary, we provide ear wax removal services (additional charges may apply).
  • Middle Ear and Auditory Pathway Assessment: Evaluating the performance and integrity of your middle ear and auditory pathway to the brain.
  • Pure Tone Audiometry: Assessing up to 34 points of hearing to ensure a detailed understanding of your hearing capabilities.
  • Speech Performance Testing: Measuring your ability to hear and understand speech in both quiet and noisy environments.
  • GP or Specialist Report: Providing detailed reports to your GP or specialist if required.
  • Hearing Aid Discussion/Prescription: Discussing hearing aid options and prescriptions if needed.

Government Accredited Services

We are government accredited, which means if you are NDIS, DVA or on a Pension, you may be eligible to have this comprehensive hearing assessment fully subsidised under the Hearing Services Program.

We are also accredited by WorkSafe Victoria as contracted service providers. If you have a hearing loss registered under WorkCover Victoria, our services are fully funded.

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Frequently asked questions.

Do I need a referral?

As of 1st of March 2023, GP’s are able to refer for a hearing assessment that can be partly claimed back through Medicare. This means you can claim up around $62 for a full comprehensive hearing assessment.
Please note, you will need a GP referral in order to be eligible.

What are my funding options?

There are a number of funding options available depending on your individual circumstances. We suggest reading our Funding Options page here to get more information.

What’s the difference between a ‘free hearing check’ and a ’hearing assessment’?

A ‘free hearing check’ takes about five minutes to complete and tests four points of your hearing, providing a simple pass or fail result. A hearing assessment is a more thorough investigation of your hearing and will take between 45 and 90 minutes to complete.

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