Our Services.

Our services include diagnostic hearing and tinnitus assessments, children’s hearing assessments (over six years old), speech in noise assessments, hearing aid fitting, hearing aid adjustments, wax removal, hearing aid maintenance and repairs, annual check-ups, home visits and general ongoing care.

Ear Wax Removal

Everyone produces ear wax, some more than others. Our trained professionals use specialised ear wax removal equipment to remove ear wax effortlessly and painlessly. We don’t flush or irrigate the ear canal – instead, we use an extracting machine that draws the wax out.

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Hearing Assessments

During our hearing assessments, we focus on results and outcomes with a thorough investigation of your hearing in each ear. You will also receive a customised report to help you monitor performance and progress over time.

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Hearing Aids

A hearing aid can help you perform everyday tasks with ease and are fully customisable to create the device you need in your life. But hearing aids are just one part of the solution – fitting and calibration are equally important to achieve the best possible results.

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Tinnitus Assessments

More commonly known as ringing or buzzing in the ear, a tinnitus assessment will identify the volume and pitch at which you hear the tinnitus. There are multiple causes of tinnitus, so it’s important to perform an assessment to understand how best to manage your individual case.

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