What is wax blockage?.

Wax blockage, also known as cerumen impaction, occurs when earwax accumulates and obstructs the ear canal, leading to various symptoms such as discomfort, pain or temporary hearing loss. It can affect individuals of all ages and requires proper management to alleviate the condition.

What causes wax blockage?

Earwax is naturally produced to protect the ear canal from dust, debris, and infection.

However, certain factors such as excessive earwax production, narrow ear canals, improper ear cleaning methods, and the use of earplugs or hearing aids can contribute to wax blockage.

What are the symptoms of wax blockage?

Common symptoms of wax blockage include hearing loss, earache, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, and a sensation of fullness or pressure in the ear. In severe cases, it may cause coughing or a chronic cough.

How to treat wax blockage?

Effective treatments for wax blockage include using eardrops to soften the wax, irrigation with warm water, or the most efficient method—microsuction performed by a qualified Audiologist.

Seeking professional guidance is vital to prevent ear damage.

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How to prevent wax blockage.

While a small amount of wax is normal, preventive measures can help.

Avoid using cotton swabs or objects that push wax deeper into the ear.

Oil-based ear sprays can prolong wax build-up by moisturising the ear canal and facilitating its natural cleaning process.